May: finally…asparagus is here!

This month Violaine took care of the eventbrite administration so when I rushed downstairs to answer the door I was pleasantly surprised to see Alessia. We met Alessia, a few months ago, at Rino’s pizza party. Besides being good at eating pizza Alessia is an analyst and researcher in the area of foreign affairs and diplomacy. If you’ve been following the Clapton Pot you’ll know that April was a veritable dinner party explosion.

Just as I was about the close the door the rest of the dinner party guests arrived. Thanks guys for saving me the potential trips up and down the stairs.

You are probably thinking why doesn’t she just Google the guests before they arrive. I’ll ask you this, aren’t you thrilled to receive a letter in the post that isn’t a bank statement or a large package that you haven’t yourself ordered from Amazon. Like you, I am thrilled to receive letters, postcards or packages (hint, hint), what can I say I like to be surprised and delighted. And besides we are more than just our Google serps.

The other delightful guests were Natalie of Marmelo Kitchen. Leandro who is a DJ. Sam who is in a band called Adults and works on a number of radio related projects for the BBC. Rose who is the founding member of The Young Urbanists from The Academy of Urbanism. And Alessia’s flatmate Vaiva, who works in IT in the banking sector.

If the riotous laughter coming from the other end of the table was anything to go by I’d say it was a pretty good evening.


Here’s what we ate:

Asparagus with ‘Hollandaise’ – we endeavor to get as much seasonal produce on the menu as possible. This was the first asparagus I’d eaten this spring so thanks again Clapton Pot.

Quinoa & Sweet Potato, Kale Cakes – I first made these for a friend’s mum, who was visiting from France. She liked them and invited us to come and visit whenever we want. Nuff said.

Mustard Greens, Fennel, Radish with Shallot and Pomegranate Vinaigrette. All these salad ingredients are in season except the pomegranate. The fennel would have been tastier if a certain person who shall remain nameless hadn’t absconded with the mandoline.

The dessert, Lemon Curd Slice, is a recipe from Ms. Cupcake’s new cookbook. Based on how the lemon curd came out on the first try I’d say these recipes are bomb proof.

CP-0513-1 CP-0513-2 CP-0513-3

Via twitter Sam’s endorsement was – “laaaavely zesty lemons!!!!”

And Rose said “3 courses of deliciousness…and lots of Malbec!” also via twitter.

The next Clapton Pot is June 30thYou can sign up for the next one.

We look forward to welcoming you.


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