July: supermoon madness!

Oof, it was a bit of a tough come down after such a fun night. We’ve learnt our lesson from our last dinner, and this time we were better prepared. It didn’t hurt that our guests were great, and a very lively bunch indeed. Also, I do wonder whether the supermoon had any influence on the flirty vibes at our table this month…?

First to arrive was Tom, who I’d been following Tom on twitter for quite some time now – he’s a well-respected designer who also, slightly less respectably perhaps, draws on bananas (I once got my request for the word ‘bendy’ drawn; you get the idea…). Tom got interested in joining us recently, and there he was, the man off the internet (and coming all the way from Tooting), standing in my living room! To be fair though, practically all of our Potters come that way. Next and in no particular order: Fab, an enthusiastic lifestyle and health blogger who turned up with a bunch of flowers – which always goes down well at the Clapton Pot. Keep’ em coming, folks! We met Fab a while ago for a chat at our local café 119 so it was great to see her again. Eniko, a digital consultant, Drew, a barber from Islington who very generously (or foolishly) brought 3 bottles with him, slam poet Sam who’s almost a regular, and Kate, whom I got to know at the Clapton Pot last year, and has now become a close friend (and if you need to get fit, Kate’s your woman).


I would like to blame Sam, who shamefully turned up late, for the lot of us getting tipsy on empty bellies whilst waiting for him!

Still, we did eventually tuck into our meal, consisting of:

– a grilled asparagus, nectarines, red onion salad, mixed with spinach and lush beetroot leaves (that skillet really is being put to good use)

– a beet and turnip gratin (that’s a bake to you!) seasoned with fresh thyme and grated parmesan, and served with a side dish of grilled broccoli, roasted garlic and flaked almonds, and crumbled goats cheese

– watermelon and vodka slushies with crushed raspberries and mint, which turned out to be more of a cocktail than a dessert. We won’t name names but somehow the 1L vodka bottle was snatched from the kitchen and promptly shared around the table…


From then on, flirty glances were exchanged across the table for some, giggles and overall silliness for the others, and our man Tom proceed to turn up the stereo a notch – apologies to all my neighbours – and play some dancy tunes. And dance we did – if you’re familiar with the restaurant scene in Playtime by Jacques Tati, you’ll have an idea of how fun and slightly bonkers the evening turned out.

Our July dinner was definitely a blast. Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Violaine – & Anna x





On another note, this month Anna and I were invited by our friend and Potter Massimo to join him for the launch party of the amazing Hackney Wick Food Assembly. The FA concept was created in France, and enables people to buy their food directly from the producers. The event was an enormous success, with over 500 people turning up to find out more about the Food Assembly, sample the food on offer and meet the producers. If you’d like to take part or sign up, you can do so here. I heard rumours of another FA opening soon near Hackney Downs, which will be just perfect for me!




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