How does it work?

Our neighbourhood is full of nice and interesting locals, and this is a chance to meet some of them.

The Clapton Pot is free, we just ask that you bring a bottle per person (or more if you’re very thirsty) as we won’t be providing any drinks. We’re not a restaurant, so expect the usual set up of having dinner at a friend’s house. A usual sitting will have 8 people, including ourselves.

We are aiming to operate a first come, first served booking system. We’ll publish a new events registration for each Clapton Pot dinner roughly 10-15 days in advance (it’s really whenever we find the time, so bear with us if it looks like not much is happening), and we’ll shout about it on our usual social media channels, listed here – so keep your eyes peeled! Sorry we can’t keep a waiting list.

We’ll email you with the relevant address (we’re alternating between our homes) a couple of days before the event. Please give us at least 3 days’ notice if you need to cancel, so we can invite someone else. Those who just don’t turn up will be put on the dinner blacklist of death.

Sign up here to attend our next dinner.